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About me

Welcome to my painter's website! My name is Moshiko Levi, and I am thrilled to share my artistic journey with you.

At 44 years old, I am not only an artist but also a proud parent of two wonderful children. Currently residing in Israel, I have had the privilege of exhibiting my work in local galleries, allowing my creations to be seen and appreciated by art enthusiasts.

My preferred mediums of expression are acrylics and pencils. With acrylics, I bring vibrant colors and textures to life, while pencil drawings allow me to pay intricate attention to detail. The range of my artwork spans from realistic representations to imaginative and fantastical drawings, reflecting my fascination with both the tangible and ethereal aspects of life.


As a painter, I am constantly exploring new horizons, and one of my exciting ventures involves incorporating various AI software into my creative process. This fusion of traditional art and cutting-edge technology allows me to push the boundaries of artistic expression and unlock unique possibilities in my work.

Through this website, I invite you to delve into my artistic world. Explore the diverse collection of my artwork, from realistic portrayals to enchanting fantasy drawings. Immerse yourself in the stories and emotions behind each piece, as I believe that art holds the power to inspire and connect people on a deeper level

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